The Mobile Strike War Game Is Full Of Strategy Building


War games have always caught on the fascination of players of all kinds and being an avid player of Game of Wars I was only too excited to play the all-new Mobile Strike war game. There are some very strong comments that people make regarding the game being very expensive to play or else too much time to reach the highest level. My personal user experience is that it is one of the finest strategy based games ever, and each move has to be made in a calculated way so that you can save your money and move up by playing well.

Setting up the base

There are several features like the in-game discounts that a player can avail by downloading that helps in the gameplay. Based on the Game of War, the Mobile Strike is the modern version of the old-world fights that involved the swords, armor and the like. In this game, you have the settings of the modern military base camp that will be yours to use for the strike against the enemy and also defending yourself against any probable attack. The key to playing the game well is using mobile strike hack which makes game playing easy and the building of the base with all the latest amenities and also procuring the supplies for the troops.

Getting the resources right

It was not too difficult to build my base as I found the resources scattered all over the world map. There is the icon at the bottom-left corner of the map that will help in the search of the resource tiles that will also help you in getting the extra resources and also discover new materials for better building. The materials are usually used to make accessories at the Armory that you will be in need of during the warfare. War games being strategy building games, call for tact in any and everything that you do.

The intelligent gameplay

When you are going on a resource hunt, it is best to have the company of your troop to defend you from any ambush or trap. This is part of the game strategy that a player has to make use of in the most intelligent manner. The other intelligent move that the players are expected to make to form a formidable defense is by forming the alliances. It is impossible to counter strong enemies by yourself, and if you are trying to do so, you will surely drain your money. The best way to play the game is by setting up embassies at the base that will help in mutually benefiting each other.

Making the strategic moves

Moving up the HQ level is helpful in getting more assistance from the alliance forces. This is one of the several features that make the Mobile Strike the perfect MMO game. The give and excahnge of the alliance help results in more rewards and thus more resources for the strike time. Making sure of the Commander level is yet another strategic move that will help in making your base and the troops more ready for the latest combat. Allocating the skill points to right places is another strategy that the game requires for the fine gameplay.


An Intensive Understanding Of Pixel Gun 3D


If you would want to battle it out with your friends along with sophisticated weapons, then you need not worry anymore. It is this game which would be able to provide you with a perfect platform in order to flaunt your skills and weapons too.

The game of pixel gun 3d can be easily accessed by anybody. In order to win, you will have to acquire tons of resources. Since there are a number of companies who would like you to purchase these in order to level up, this game is nothing like that. With extremely efficient user friendly accesses, you will be able to achieve the intended target in this game. An extremely popular game, extensive feature and added benefits will help you thus enjoy to the fullest. Now here are some pixel gun 3d cheats in your service below. 

Since it is a first person shooter game, you will be able to avail both single player as well as multi player options. You can also create your own personalized character which you can flaunt it on the battlefield. In pixel gun 3d, it gives you a fabulous opportunity to create your own character right from the scratch. Moreover, you can also upload it to your Minecraft account through Mojang. With players starting out initially in this game, you would be able to practice your unique techniques of shooting. Along with it, you would also be given some valuable tips which would prove to be profitable for you. While encountering with varied types of atrocious monsters, you can make use of several distinct types of weapons in order to knock them down.

In order to start your combat, you will be exposed to a variety of beneficial elements. These features would be necessary to avail for survival purposes. In pixel gun 3d, you will have a significant amount of selection from sophisticated artilleries like Heavy Machine Gun and AK47 to name a few. With intensive detailed graphics, you would be bound to be mesmerized by it. Comprising of astounding sound effects, use a headphone if you must in order to obtain maximum fun from it.


Purpose of a survival mode is believed to be extremely crucial. Here, you will be fighting against a particular set of enemies in each level before you move on to the next. In pixel gun 3d, survival mode is not an easy level to play. If you happen to die while encountering with some monstrous characters, the level will naturally end. It means you will only have to start right from the beginning to play. Here, you will be able to acquire only one free re spawn elixir. It will help you to get across in several difficult situations. Since you will be liable for acquiring only one elixir, it will naturally tend to run out. Hence, if it does, you would be again required to start from the scratch all over again.

Yes, it will definitely be worth it once you make up your mind to play this nerve wrecking game. With great HD graphics and stunning sound effects, you will definitely find it absolutely amusing. Unlike other games, you will not be bored off easily. Instead, you would keep coming back for more, since nobody can really get enough from this game. Hence,…